Teaching Statement

 My teaching engagements have proved to be joyous and enriching points on the learning curve of my academic journey. This has enhanced my academic experience not only in terms of sharpening my teaching skills but also towards deepening my own understanding about political science and South Asia. As an area scholar rooted in the discipline of political science, I maintain a judicious balance in my teaching between the ‘area’ and the ‘subject’. This necessitates a pedagogy to be pitched at multiple levels – one, which is focusing on ‘area’, and the other, which engages with the existing and emerging academic discourse. Hence, through my teaching I try to create a common meeting ground between these two levels. My teaching philosophy is to maintain the academic rigor in the classroom and at the same time make learning a fun exercise. I think I have been able to maintain this balance, which is reflected in some of the comments in the student’s feedback provided below. I teach courses on governance, welfare, institutional change, Indian politics and methodology.

Areas of Teaching

Comparative Politics

Indian Politics

Public Policy

Qualitative Methods

Institutions and Institutional change


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Teaching

B.A Honors module on Social , Political and Economic Change in India at the National University of Singapore in 2016

B.A. Seminar on Politics in India at the Heidelberg University, Germany

B.A Seminar on Introduction to Qualitative Methods at the Heidelberg University, Germany


M.A seminar on Governance and Politics of Welfare in South Asia at Heidelberg University, Germany.

M.A seminar on Politics and Governance in India at Heidelberg University, Germany.

M.A seminar on Transparency, Accountability and Corruption in South Asia at Heidelberg University, Germany 

MA seminar on Public Policies and Institutions: Persistent and Change in South Asia at Heidelberg University, Germany

MA/BA seminar on Politics of Climate Change in South Asia at Heidelberg University, Germany


B.A module on South Asia: People, Culture and Development at the National University of Singapore 2012-2015

B.A module on South Asians in Singapore at the National University of Singapore 2013-2015

Received Two Graduate Teaching Award for teaching Undertaken in Semester I 2012-13 and Semester II 2012-13 at the National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Student’s Feedback

 “Friendly, affable” and 
 “Fostered an atmosphere of mutual learning and discussion”

“He provides valuable feedback on our presentations and asks questions that allows me to think of concepts deeply and understand them. He is also able to continuously guide the discussions and usually does a short summary of the topics during the discussion class so that students know what they key take away points for every topic”

“Provides ample discussion opportunities by bringing in all the contradictions of one topic. Provides examples outside the S.Asia region (where possible & necessary) to help foreign students understand the situation in the region”

“Always provides a counter argument/perspective that enables students to appreciate a topic from all perspectives”

“Knowledgeable about his field”

“funny and sarcastic at times – leaves the room of discussion for students and builds on them, lets the students take charge – has great knowledge in the politics sector of the India especially – supportive of student’s thoughts”

“He is very funny and interesting. Makes class less serious and more of a friendly discussion”