Policy Papers & Media

Articles in Newspapers and Magazines

The Modi Mystery“, Foreign Policy, by Sumit Ganguly, Himanshu Jha, Rahul Mukherji, 25 May 2019.

Restive Voices For Change” (An opinion Piece of outcome of Assembly Elections of Delhi 2015), Op-Ed, New Indian Express, 11 February 2015.

Challenge After New Narrative” (An analysis of Indian Elections 2014), Op-Ed, New Indian Express, 19 May 2014.

Redefining Policy Directions”, Op-ed, New Indian Express, 1 July 2011.

Create More Sun Belts” (An analysis of the G8 Summit) , Op-ed, New Indian Express, 14 June 2011.

“For Some Action Beyond Party Lines”, Op-Ed, Governance Now, Vol.2, Issue 8, May 16-31, 2011.

No Bang for that Extra Buck, MP’s?”, Op-Ed, Governance Now, September 2, 2010.

“Unveiling MDGs”, SaharaTime (Weekly Newspaper) , 30 October 2004.

Policy Papers

“Targeting Gender Inequality: Women and Poverty”, Roars and Whispers, International Social Watch Report, Uruguay, 2005.

“Balancing the Goals, the Commitments and the Means: Dilemma of the Indian State”, Impossible Architecture, International Social Watch Report 2006.

“Right to Social Security: Commitment, Delivery and Realities”, In Dignity and Rights, International Social Watch Report 2007.

“Rights, Commitments and Delivery: Who gets What , when and How?”, Rights is the Answer, International Social Watch Report 2008 .

“Financial Crisis: Breaks in the Road and Missed Milestones”, Making Finances Work: People First, International Social Watch Report 2009

“Emerging Trends in Financing for Development”, After the fall, International Social Watch Report 2010

 Quotes and Bytes in Media

Quoted in the Washington Post, October 3, 2010 in the news story entitled “India wants to be a great power. So why are its Commonwealth Games such a mess?

Quoted in Reuters, April 29, 2009 in the news story entitled “ Bullets and Ballots in India’s General Elections

 Quoted in the leading French Daily La Trubune, April 27  2009 in the news story entitled “La criminalité au cœur a de la « démocratie indienne”, by Patrick Jacquelot

Quoted in The Australian, Australia, April 16  2009 in the news story entitled “ Caste in a Fresh Role” , by Amanda Hodge

Quoted in Times, London , April 3, 2009, in the news story entitled “World agenda: Pappu Raj satire illustrates corruption of Indian politics” by Jeremy Page; Rhys Blakely

Quoted in Times, London, April 2 2009 in the news story entitled “BJP leader Jaswant Singh claims election payouts ‘were charity, not bribes’ by Rhys Blakely

Quoted in Newsweek, March 7 2009 in the news story entitled “The House in Ill Repute”, by Jason Overdorf.

Quoted in the International Herald Tribune, 28 February 2006 in the news story entitled “India’s War on Poverty: Easy Victory Unlikely” by Amelia Gentleman.

Quoted in Financial Times, London, May 3 2007 in the news story entitled “Engaging India: Crime and Politics” by Jo Johnson.

Quoted in the International Herald Tribune, 26 April 2007 in the news story entitled “ A Cancerous Growth in India’s Body Politic” by Amelia Gentleman.